iPhone Troubles (Updated)

iPhone Troubles (Updated)

Updated as June 4th: My iPhone has been replaced by the Apple Store, so I am once again accessible by phone and other modes of communication exclusively available on a mobile phone. Though you are still all welcome to send me a message through Facebook or E-Mail.

Also, a special thanks to my girlfriend who was not too upset at not being able to reach me last night. I swear I was at home, eating pizza, watching Netflix (by the way, Roman Empire: Reign of Blood is a great little documentary series) and working on this website.


Quick update for anyone trying to contact me by phone — so this post is probably exclusively for my girlfriend.

After 7 months of owning an iPhone 7 Plus, buying it when it first came out, it is now giving me some problems. It keeps rebooting inexplicably. I have tried the remedies found online to no avail, so will take it in to the Apple Store tomorrow.

If anyone is looking to reach me, the social links on the website have been updated and you could reach me either on Facebook or via E-Mail.


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