Comey Testimony: A Political Strategy At Work

Comey Testimony: A Political Strategy At Work

Has former FBI director James Comey led President Donald Trump into a political trap? In my first ever YouTube video, I share the political considerations that may have been at play in Comey’s testimony last week before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In summary, Comey’s use of the word “leak” when referring to sending his opening statement to the media beforehand would be puzzling, especially by a law enforcement official in a post-Edward Snowden world, if it weren’t for some form of political intelligence at play.

It seems to me President Trump walked right into Comey’s political trap. Going to Twitter to say that Comey’s a leaker, Trump essentially makes the former FBI Director seem more credible. Past presidents would have not bothered with a response. This president not only responds (incoherently claiming Comey leaked info that ultimately vindicated the president) but also has a lawyer issue a statement which amounts to nothing more than nonsensical legalese babble.

Why would Comey leak his statement the day before the hearing? If I were his political advisor, I’d tell him to send it to the media on Wednesday so that portions of the statement could be used for Thursday newspapers. Fridays tend not to be good news cycles in politics as few people take interest as they approach the weekend. Governments and political operatives have made it a habit of burying bad news stories on Friday afternoons. I would have advised Comey to leak it to the press on Wednesday night so that the papers could print it Thursday.

The strategy appears to be working. Congress is asking for tapes that may or may not exist and the president himself has indicated his willingness to testify under oath — under penalty of perjury.

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